The mysterious villa (Episode 5 ENG)


The fifth episode of the Sherlock @ Home series. Perfect for a game night with friends, family or partner. Highly recommended!


+++ SPOILER, do not continue reading if you haven’t played episode one +++

Episode 5: The mysterious villa

Moriarty has been weakened by your successes from the last episodes, but is still on the rune. Old Lady Barrington has now claimed to have seen Moriarty in her villa. The tip does not seems to be credible, but you still want to investigate. And what about the rumors that her villa is haunted? - The big season finale of our Sherlock @ Home series! Will you be able to put Moriarty behind bars again?

– Group size: designed for 2-6 people
– Locations: playable together from 1-4 locations (communication via video or voice chat)
– Duration: approx. 60 minutes
– Required material: pen and paper (recommended, not absolutely necessary)

Notes on the process:
1. Order the episode directly from this page
2. Please choose at the checkout from how many locations you want to play
3. You will receive all further information from Scotland Yard with the access codes by email!

Good luck and have fun!