The Secret Society (Part 2)


The first episode of the Hollywood Special! Perfect for an evening of games with friends, family or partner. Clear game recommendation!


The second episode in our season of "The Hollywood Escapades"!

After the silver Hugo is recovered and returned to Ian Foster, there is no peace. An anonymous tip suggests that something bigger is planned in LA. You have no other choice and follow this lead. The clues will lead you all over the city. Who are the perpetrators, what are they up to and how can you stop them?

- Group size: designed for 2-6 people
- Game locations: from 1-4 locations can be played together (communication via video chat, as a team event up to 10 locations)
- Duration: approx. 60 minutes
- Materials needed: pencil and paper (recommended, not required)

Notes on the procedure:
1. order the episode directly via this page
2. when booking, please choose from how many locations you want to participate together
3. 5-10 minutes after your order you will receive a message with 1-4 access codes (depending on the number of locations you want to participate from).
4. you will receive all further information with the access codes by mail!

Have fun and success 🙂