The movie set (Part 1)


The first episode of the Hollywood Special! Perfect for an evening of games with friends, family or partner. Clear game recommendation!


Episode 1: The movie set

The first episode of our season "The Hollywood Escapades"!

Full of anticipation, you're on a plane on your way to your dream vacation in Los Angeles. Just arrived, you receive an urgent message from Sherlock Holmes. In the middle of filming a Hollywood comedy, the famous Ian Foster has been stolen. His lucky charm and first film award - the Silver Hugo - has been stolen. Help Sherlock recover it and solve the case!

- Group size: designed for 2-6 people
- Game locations: from 1-4 locations can be played together (communication via video chat, as a team event up to 10 locations)
- Duration: approx. 60 minutes
- Materials needed: pen and paper (recommended, not mandatory).

Notes on the procedure:
1. order the episode directly via this page
2. when booking, please choose from how many locations you want to participate together
3. you will receive a message from us about 5-10 minutes after your order with 1-4 access codes (depending on the number of locations you participate from)
4. you will receive all further information with the access codes by mail!

Have fun and success! 🙂