Helping Elves (1st Christmas episode)


The first episode of the Christmas Special! Perfect for an evening of games with friends, family or partner. Clear game recommendation!


Episode 1: Helping Elves

The first episode of the Christmas Special!

Your team has won the golden ticket to the North Pole! An honor that only one group per year receives worldwide. Excited, you'll make your way to the secret coordinates until you actually stand in front of the city of the helping elves. But soon it becomes clear: Something is wrong here! As if the year 2020 wasn't bad enough, Christmas is about to be cancelled. Can we count on your help?

- Group size: designed for 2-6 persons
- Places: playable from 1-4 places together (communication via video chat, as Christmas party up to 10 places)
- Duration: approx. 60 minutes
- Required material: Pen and paper (recommended, not mandatory)

Hints on the procedure:
1. order the episode directly from this page
2. please choose at the time of booking from how many places you want to participate together
3. you will receive all further information with the access codes by mail!

Have fun and success! 🙂